Natural outdoor lounge furniture

Not only matching furniture is important for the restaurant outside on the terrace or in a beer garden, course also includes a planting an appealing ambience. Sitting in the open means can relax and enjoy and forget your everyday a little way behind. For catering establishments the care of plants, although additional work, but not all plants are demanding. Often it is also sufficient to pour water on them every now and then.

Trees for the beer garden atmosphere

If you have an older trees in front of the restaurant or the restaurant can also offer a cozy beer garden, which is cool and shady in the summer. Typical tree species in the beer garden are chestnut and maple. The emergence of the beer garden based on the fact that in beer cellars before the beer was stored and above the basement trees were planted to contribute to better cooling and durability. If trees are replanted, but it takes a long time until they have grown large enough to provide shade. There are also shallow -rooted species, which could raise flooring such as pavers, including, for example, horse chestnut, sea buckthorn, vinegar and pine trees. When creating a new outer segment should therefore best be already planned where the tables and chairs can be accommodated and the paths may extend to the staff. Here, a mix of efficiency and comfort to be found, so a pleasant ambience is possible and many guests can easily find a seat outside. Trees provide shade in the outdoor area-shaded outdoor area under trees.

Shrubs and bushes

For shrubs and bushes should be taken to ensure that they are not toxic, because when families with children are the target group of restaurant, the dangers of a possible poisoning are excluded. Among the toxic species include, for example, the rhododendron, boxwood, laburnum and the oleander. So it is to give non-toxic types of preference. Beer and well scented plants such as currant, hibiscus or lilac are good, however. Shrubs often have a higher need for care , as they need to be cut back . The plants should be positioned so that they do not interfere with food. Of course you can also create a boundary of the outer region using the crop . Added to this is the positive effect that noise will be dampened.